Specializing in Meters, Valve Automation, Liquid Level, Pressure, & Flow Instrumentation.

For 40+ years James F. Allbright has been working in the oil & gas industry applying Instrumentation and Automation equipment specializing in products designed to improve measurement, control pressures, levels, flows & temperatures as well as meters & automated valves. He has worked with oil & gas producers, pipelines, plants and refineries to mix and match the best products to solve liquid & gas control problems, more accurate metering and an overall safer working environment. If you are working with liquids and gases and need level, pressure, or flow controls, call or email JC Company.

Why the name JC Company?

In 1996 while on a “Walk to Emmaus” spiritual weekend, James prayed that God would help him become a bolder disciple for Jesus Christ and that God would give him a way to daily remember that God loved all of us so much that God allowed his only son Jesus Christ to be beaten, spit on, whipped and hung on a cross to die for our many sins. James also prayed for God to never let him forget that Jesus rose from the grave to prove that HE “Jesus” has defeated death and is alive today.

God revealed to James that something he does each day is sign his name and that his signature could be changed to daily reflect a visual picture of Jesus death and resurrection to James and to others that see it. Thus the cross on the hill (His death) and arrow rising up (His resurrection). When written out the cross & arrow together form a “J”, the hill an “A” followed by a “mes” to spell James.


Encouraging Bible verses to live by:

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