Specializing in Meters, Valve Automation, Liquid Level, Pressure, & Flow Instrumentation.

JC Company is a problem solver...


  • Pants Sliding Down?
  • Tank & Pipeline Spills/Leaks
  • Moving Small to Large Volumes
  • Accounting for Loss of Liquids

If you would like to discuss your application needs and possible solutions, please call 432.661.0661 or email me. I look forward to becoming your problem solver.

For 40+ years James F. Allbright has been working in the oil & gas industry applying Instrumentation and Automation equipment specializing in products designed to control pressures, levels, flows & temperatures as well as meters & automated valves. Mr. Allbright has worked with oil & gas producers, pipelines, plants and refineries to mix and match the best products to solve liquid & gas control problems, more accurate metering and an overall safer working environment.


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NoSaggs - The Hidden Belt & Pant Suspender

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